The Various Versions Of Condom

The most common and popularly used type of birth control is condoms. It is available in different sizes, shapes, textures, and tastes. It’s designed for both women and men. It may be inserted into the vagina or worn over the penis before sexual intercourse. The feminine version, also called femidom, is a thin sheath of polyurethane using a flexible ring on the two ends and an opening on one end. The male version was created in the shape of a flexible fitted tube. However, both partners should not use the condom at precisely the same time, which can cause it to break or tear.

The most frequent type of condoms can be obtained for guys. It supplies a large range of alternatives. The popular types are observed in the shape of latex rubber or plastic version. It’s an excellent way to avoid pregnancy in addition to protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, there are lubricants or spermicide-coated variations. The lubrication or lube is a thin liquid coating on the condom. It provides additional protection by keeping the condom from breaking. It also prevents any form of pain or irritation during sex. The spermicide-coated version uses a chemical called nonoxynol-9. Unlike other condoms that collect the semen, the spermicide-coated variant kills the sperm using the chemical.

The latex or plastic version is also provided with a thin coating of lubricants. The lube helps to avoid annoyance or pain during intercourse. There are also spermicide-coated versions where a chemical called nonoxynol-9 is used to kill the sperms. Therefore it reduces the risk of pregnancy. Those who are allergic to plastic or rubber can opt for a more natural variant, for example lambskin. It is a form of 콘돔 made from lamb intestines. Though it may not offer enough protection due to tiny openings, it arouses body warmth and not as allergic response.


Afterward, you will find textured versions designed with studs and ribbed types to boost the partner’s joy. Modern condoms can be found in different shapes, sizes, textures, and tastes to boost the experience.

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