MKU – a Top-rated Center for Larger Knowledge

MKU or Mount Kenya College is one of the very well-known personal universities in Kenya. This article will outline some elements that make it a feasible institute for larger learning. MKU draws a big number of government-sponsored and self-sponsored students. It may be related to different facets that strengthen the university’s service delivery. The Install Kenya School constantly changes and invests its knowledge strategies to keep among the top universities in Kenya and East Africa.

MKU was accepted and validated by the Commission for Higher Education in 2006 to provide level and diploma programs. After completing all directions, the Commission given MKU the position of a full-fledged individual university. It was granted a charter in 2011 by the Kenyan government on the Commission’s recommendation. This school has sporting fields and a graduation pavilion at its Thika campus. In addition, it has an ultra-modern basketball judge, swimming pool, indoor games industry, and entertainment halls for pupils to unwind.

Another crucial aspect which makes MKU one of the premier universities in Kenya is the reliability of examinations. The examination process is anchored in the university’s examination and statutes policy guidelines. They appoint external and inner invigilators. Applicants are required to publish recommendations from supervisors or employers. After selecting them, they’re given teaching on their roles before deploying them to examination halls. The school also uses CCTV cameras in the halls to aid invigilators’work. Besides, MKU archives and codes their pupils’pamphlets to shield their marks. Thus, pupils may end fretting about ‘missing marks.’ To find added details on This please check out


Students at Install Kenya College can get scholarships or funding from the HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) and different donors. MKU enables regular instalments and gives scholarships to poor students. It gives holistic knowledge, including qualified and moral education. MKU provides enhanced protection within its campuses with 24 hours evening patrols and CCTV surveillance. It partners with top-rated research institutes, hospitals, and universities. MKU also forges strong academia-industry links.

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