Automated chain lifts out of automazioni Rimini

Automazioni Rimini is an Italian production which comes with a 3-year warranty, expertise gained since the 70s. They have motors for sliding gates, motors for swing gates, motors such as swing gates, motors for automatic gates, parking bollards, arched parking area saver, automatic barriers such as parking, automated chain lifts, and accessories for door and gate automation. You are going to receive the kits complete with all accessories and clear assembly instructions directly at your home, and you can trust a valid aid service.

You’ll also find robust hydraulic parking bollards in automizioni Rimini. They allow reserving parking or preventing passage on personal or reserved streets. Total with formwork, removable structure, tube, hydraulic cylinder, incorporated hydraulic control unit, mild head, and box with clamps. Order your home made kit automation on the internet; you can count on a serious company working since the 70s, which produces its automation internally.

Parking management systems are also available for up to 64 parking areas, With this cancelli automatici rimini, it is possible to manage users’ entrance and exit to the parking space in order that each user may access the parking area with no more than one car, blocking a second access effort using the exact same remote controller, This parking direction is perfect in car parks in which each user is assigned just 1 parking area (business car parks, resort car parks, etc) The automation is provided already programmed, it’s only necessary to connect one of the two columns to the power line, The second column can be powered with a special cable which connects the two columns to be laid under the ground guide. To acquire new details please visit Kitautomazioni

Search for your own automation acceptable for your folding gate and select any accessories that you need to receive directly in your home! Creating your folding gate automatic has never been simpler. Order your folding gate engines out of automazioni Rimini.If you can not bring 230V electricity in which you want to put in these automatic gates, don’t worry. You’ll find kits made up of solar panels, batteries, and digital control units for solar operation; utilizing such kits (available both at 12V and 24V). The automation does not require an external power source. In this manner, you can create an automatic gate even in the absence of an electrical network.

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